Friday, 23 November 2012

Amazing day - all thanks to Pampered Chef

So today I spent an amazing day at The London House in Old Woking learning how to cook a gorgeous three course meal.

We then got to eat the fruits of our labour and it was all on Pampered Chef!

Here is my lovely friend Maria, dusting her ramekin with cocoa powder to make an Orange and Whiskey Souffle mousse........

...............and here is the finished article that I made and it was AMAZING!

This is the starter - a pancake filled with cream cheese and spinach. When we ate it, it was served with smoked salmon and a gorgeous beetroot vinagrette. I will definitely be making this on Christmas Day!

This is the scrummy head chef Ben who taught us lots of fantastic things!

I made this!

And stuffed with apricot and raisin stuffing and served with a fondant potato!

This is the dessert - do you think I could make a giant souffle mouse in our trifle bowl???!

Thank you Pampered Chef - I love my job!

If anyone would like to join me team working for this amazing company, find some more information here.....

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