Monday, 23 July 2012

Eeeeeee new products are here!

I am SO excited! As a Director for the Pampered Chef I get a box of new products every season to entice and incentivise and today it arrived! Hurrah! I am really looking forward to sharing the new products with you! Do you want a sneaky peak? Ok well here goes.........

As a HUGE fan of stoneware I love this Round Covered Baker. It is perfect for making cakes, casseroles, will be lovely for autumn cooking! Stoneware is such a great product to cook with - everything that is supposed to stay succulent stays succulent and everything that is supposed to be crispy stays crispy without the need to turn everything - no more going to the oven and get blasted by hot air half way through the cooking (my eyelashes DID get stuck together once when I had to do that and my mascara melted! NOT a good look!). Also stoneware becomes non stick so you don't need to use foil or oil - perfect if you want to cut out oil when cooking. 

If you can't wait to get your hands on some stoneware check out the range here

You don't need special recipes although I do have plenty I can share with you. Use it for cakes, flapjacks, roasts, risottos, curries, everything from the freezer, pizza, cookies, full English Breakfast......hmmm I am hungry now!

If you want some stoneware free, book a show with me - most of my hosts get £60-100 of free product. Or why not get LOADS of free product by becoming a consultant. It is so easy - book a a launch show with me, I come along and do your show, but you get the commission, we work together to get you bookings at your show and  that's it - your'e off! Click here for more details You could get this baker for free when you have done 4 shows!

Have a great day and enjoy the sunshine!

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