Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Quickest cake ever????

Oh my goodness they are dangerously quick!

Mini Victoria Sponges

Melt 4oz butter in Micro Cooker and place in the Manual Food Processor with 4oz self raising flour, 4oz of sugar and 2 eggs.

Blitz up in the Manual Food Processor.

Place two Small Scoops in each well of the Brownie Pan.

Cook on 180 degrees for 12 minutes

Remove each cake to cook on Cooling Rack - I didn't oil this pan at all and each cake is SO easy to remove.

LOOK LOOK LOOK - how clean is that????!

Pipe on whisked cream whisked in the Classic Batter Bowl with a Double whisk - use the Easy Accent Decorator.

Add strawberries!

Check out all the equipment here


Nom nom nom! Enjoy!

Check out the fab new brownie pan here

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